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By Abhishek kumawat


India is considered to be the hub of digital transformation in the recent era. The demand for digital marketing in the country has risen exponentially, which has made every business look for the skilled personnels who are expert in the digital tools and techniques. Digital marketing has opened its doors for employing thousands of professionals that have made the country economically stable. With the rise in the popularity of digital marketing among the youth of India, there are a lot of options for top institutes in India that provide a range of courses along with the certificates so as to meet the needs of an industry. This article mainly focuses on the top 10 digital marketing institutes in Jaipur which are classified on the basis of training quality and industrial recognition.

  1. UpGrad – It is one of the most popular digital training institutes in India that offer its courses in online mode. The courses are mainly related to digital marketing, data science, software engineering and many more. It has shaken hands with the leading universities like IIIT-Bangalore, IIM-Bangalore and Liverpool John Moores University so as to provide the courses which are relevant during industrial job seeking. The courses are generally designed by the industry experts and allow hands-on-experience through live projects and case studies.
  2. Coursera – It is a popular online learning platform that allows its users to choose courses like data science, digital marketing, AI etc. They have partnered with leading institutes like Stanford, Duke and Yale, the top-notch institutes. The courses allow for hands-on experience using real world projects.
  3. Simplilearn – It is again a leading online digital training institute in our country that offers the users to choose from 400 courses available which are in various domains such as digital marketing, data science, cloud computing, cybersecurity and many more. They hire around 2000 expert trainers who train around 1 million professionals around the globe. The certificate offered by this institute helps in global recognitions from Google, Microsoft and AWS.
  4. Digital Vidya – This leading institute offers courses in digital marketing, data science, social media marketing and many more. Over 38000 professionals have been trained from over 55 countries. It has shaken hands with around 100 companies to assist the students regarding the job placement. The courses offered by this institute are mainly through live projects and case studies. 
  5. NIIT – It is renowned for offering courses in digital marketing, data analytics and cybersecurity. Globally, over 40 million students are trained by 5000 trainers. This institute is recognised by companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Cisco. 
  6. Edureka – The courses at Edureka are designed by the industrial experts that help in providing hands-on experience through live projects and case studies. This leading training institute offers its users courses like digital marketing, data science and cloud computing. From 150 countries, over 1 million professionals have been trained. It has got its partners from over 250 companies that help in providing assistance regarding the placement in the industrial field. 
  7. Manipal Prolearn – This digital training institute in India offers many courses and the most popular among them is digital marketing, data science and cloud computing. It has shaken hands with leading companies such as Google, Microsoft and AWS. It has a record of training around 23000 professionals all over the world.
  8. Udacity – It is an online leading platform that has courses like digital marketing, data science and artificial intelligence. The courses are mainly designed to provide hands-on experience in the real-world projects and are recognised by the leading companies such as Google, IBM and Amazon.
  9. Jigsaw Academy – This institute is successful in offering courses such as data science, big data, AI and machine learning. It has partnered with IBM, Microsoft and KPMG. You can avail bot the option for online or classroom based courses in this Academy. Over 50000 students and 1 million professionals from the globe have been trained with a job placement rate of over 90%.
  10. Great Learning – This institute offers courses in data science, AI, machine learning, cloud computing, cybersecurity and many more. It contains a team of experienced members and industry experts who provide personalized support to the students with the help of dedicated mentors and career coaches. It has received several awards and recognitions for its contribution to the educational industry. 


 The digital marketing field is rapidly growing with the need for skilled professionals. The above institutes offer a wide range of courses that design and deliver the courses with the prime focus on hands-on experience through real world projects and case studies.

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