Local Web designer vs Big Agency : Which is Right for you

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By Muddassir Banka

You have a great idea for a new website and want to bring it to life. Now comes the big question: Do you hire a local web designer or go with a large web design agency? As with any business decision, there are pros and cons to consider with each option. A local web designer may charge less and provide more personalized service, but a big agency offers a wider range of experience and skills.


This article examines the key factors to weigh when determining which choice is the best fit for your needs and budget. We will explore the advantages of working with a small local team versus a large established agency, look at how to evaluate portfolios and experience to find the right match for your project scope and provide some questions to ask during the interview process. By the end, you will have a better sense of which web design partner will help you achieve your goals and bring your vision to the world.


Benefits of Hiring a Local Web Designer


Hiring a local web designer for your business website offers several benefits over using a large agency.


  • Personalized service. A local web designer can devote more focused attention to your project and needs. They will get to know your business, brand, and goals in order to build a custom website tailored to your requirements. Large agencies typically use more cookie-cutter approaches and templates.


  • Easier communication. It is simpler to communicate directly with a local web designer. You can meet in person and call or message them easily with questions or feedback during the design process. With a big agency, you are more likely to deal with account managers and multiple points of contact, potentially leading to confusion or delays.


  • Support proximity. If you need help updating, fixing or improving something on your website after it launches, a local web designer is close by and readily available to assist. They can also handle any urgent technical issues quickly. Large agencies may be located far away in different cities, states, or even countries, making support and maintenance more difficult.


  • Affordability. Local web designers typically charge lower rates than large agencies. They have lower overhead costs and can provide high-quality work at a more reasonable price point for small businesses and budgets. You may find a local designer who offers the best value for your money.


In summary, hiring a local web designer to build your website can mean a personalized, budget-friendly experience with responsive support. For many small businesses, a local professional is an ideal choice over an impersonal big agency. Your website is a vital part of your brand and company’s success, so choose a web design partner that will truly cater to your needs.


Drawbacks of Using a Large Web Design Agency


Choosing a large web design agency may seem appealing, but there are some significant drawbacks to consider:


Higher costs. Large agencies have high overheads and charge premium rates, often beyond many small business budgets. You may pay up to 5 times more compared to a local web designer.


Less personal service. Big agencies handle many clients and may not provide the dedicated, customized service a local professional can offer. You risk getting lost in the shuffle or passed between account managers.


Cookie-cutter solutions. Large agencies rely on templates and reused designs to maximize profits. Your website may end up looking like many others and lack originality or a customized look and feel tailored to your brand.


Communication challenges. With more people involved, communications can break down, leading to misunderstandings and lack of accountability. It may be difficult to get answers or speak to the person directly responsible for your project.


Limited SEO value. While attractive designs are important, search engine optimization is key to driving traffic to your site. Big agencies may make promises but lack the time or motivation to focus on the technical details required for effective SEO implementation.


In summary, while a large Reno web design agency offers resources and experience, a local professional is often better positioned to provide affordable, customized service and solutions tailored to your unique needs. For many small businesses, the choice is clear. With some research, you can find a web designer dedicated to building an impactful online presence for your company.


Questions to Ask When Hiring a Local Web Designer


When hiring a local web designer, ask them these key questions to determine if they’re the right fit for your project:


What is your experience?


  • How long have you been designing websites?


  • What platforms and content management systems do you have experience with?


  • Can you provide some examples of live websites you’ve designed?


  • Do you have experience with search engine optimization (SEO) and making sites mobile-friendly?


What is your design process?


  • How do you come up with website design concepts and options?


  • Do you provide wireframes or mockups for approval before building the site?


  • How many design revisions or opportunities for feedback do you typically provide?


  • What tools do you use for designing and developing websites?


What are your rates and fees?


  • Do you charge by the hour or project? What is your hourly/project rate?


  • Do you require a deposit upfront? If so, what percentage?


  • Are there any other costs I should be aware of, like for stock photos or domain name registration?


  • Do you provide a maintenance or support package after the initial design? How much do you charge for that?


What sets you apart?


  • Why should I hire you over another local web designer?


  • What do you believe are your strengths and competitive advantages?


  • How do you stay up-to-date with the latest web design trends, standards, and best practices?


Asking the right questions will help ensure you find an experienced local web designer reno that suits your needs, budget, and website vision. Be sure to get quotes from multiple candidates so you can compare them and go with the one you feel most confident in.




As you consider your options for web design services, both local freelancers and large agencies have appealing factors. A smaller local web designer may be more affordable and able to provide personalized service, but a bigger agency offers a wider range of capabilities and more stability. Ultimately, you need to evaluate your priorities and determine what combination of service, experience, and cost will meet your unique needs. If budget is a concern, a freelancer could be ideal. If you need complex e-commerce or custom web applications, an agency may be better suited.

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