7+ Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid for Writing Better Research Paper!

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By Madonna James

Writing a research paper in and of itself is a big task. You have to focus on every element of it and also pay attention to grammatical mistakes. But there are times when you think you are writing correctly and there is no grammatical error involved. The reason can be either that you do not know about grammatical rules or that you do not have time to closely examine each detail. Thus, if you are facing such an issue, looking for do my research paper services is the best solution. Nevertheless, there are many errors you can correct on your own. Therefore, take a look at them and start improvising your content.

Which Are the Common Grammatical Mistakes Students Make?


1. Use Passive Voice

Many of you make the mistake of using passive voice in your research paper. It is not possible to write every sentence in an active voice, but you should try to write like this because it conveys the meaning to the audience more clearly. Thus, use passive voice as little as possible.

2. Forget to Capitalise Titles

Titles are the headings that professors focus on first when they start analysing your research paper. Many of you can make the mistake of writing the titles in running, which is not correct. Thus, it is also an issue that you should avoid and capitalise according to the format you follow.

3. Use Wrong Punctuation

Though punctuation mistakes seem like minor errors, they can change the entire meaning of the sentence. Thus, you should understand the meaning of every punctuation mark and its use before you start writing your research paper. Also, when you make such little mistakes, it leaves a negative impression on the professor.

4. Use Wrong Terms

There are many terms that you can use without even realising it. Thus, here is a list of them. You should focus on them if you are serious about your grades.

Like v/s Such as

Like is used for making a comparison. On the other hand, such as is used for giving examples of the topic you are writing about.

For example- 

Like- She looks like her mother.

Such as- There are numerous factors that make a research paper professor-friendly, such as creativity, writing style, and tone.

Thus, do not interchange or replace these words with one another, thinking they are the same.

May v/s Might

May is used in the present tense to seek permission. On the other hand, might is used in the past tense to focus on incidents that never happened.

For Example- 

May- May I help you write your research paper?

Migcht- She might have done enough examination of the facts to write the research paper.

Allot v/s A Lot 

A lot is a term used to describe the frequency with which things happen. On the other hand, allot means to distribute something to a third person.

For Example- 

A Lot- A lot of times, it has been observed that students do not do enough research before writing their papers.

Allot- The teacher allotted the responsibility to monitor the class to the most sincere child in the classroom.

5. Misplaced Modifiers

Modifiers are words that change the entire meaning of the sentence. Thus, when you do not use them, the audience can interpret something else. It is a common problem you can face while writing any academic paper; in such a case, seeking assignment help is the best solution.

For Example-

The professor focused on the vital element of the research paper, named Literature review.

The professor focuses on the vital element of the research paper, which is a literature review.

6. Possessive Noun

Possessive nouns show ownership and use apostrophes. Thus, it is critical to use it in the right way to score A+ grades.

For example

Singular Possessive Noun- James worked hard to score better grades in research papers.

Plural Possessive Noun- A good write-up helped students score better in research papers.

In the case of singular possessive nouns, the apostrophe comes before s. In the case of plural possessive nouns, the placement of the apostrophe is after the s.

7. Incomplete Comparison 

When you make a comparison between any object or subject, it should be grammatically correct.

Wrong Comparison 

A research paper is difficult.

Correct Comparison 

A research paper is more difficult than an essay.

When you make a comparison, it is ideal to mention the subject with which you are comparing.

8. Verb and Subject

There should be a proper agreement between the verb and subject to make it look grammatically correct.

For example 

Incorrect- The students play during the interval.

Correct- The students play during the interval.

When the subject is plural, s should be avoided. On the other hand, when the subject is singular, the verb must include an s.

These are some grammatical errors; you should pay attention to while researching your paper. If you keenly focus, there is a high possibility of scoring A+ grades when everything is according to the university norms or guidelines.

Wrapping Up

It is how you can improve your grammatical mistakes when writing a research paper. Thus, work on it, and you will definitely see a change in your writing. But if you have time crunch issues and can not focus on such minor details, it is better to take help from do my research paper services. The experts not only have immense knowledge about grammar but also have command over writing style and tone. Also, they write each section after proper research and brainstorming, which elevates the write-up quality. The cherry on the cake is that they are available around the clock, which means you can contact them anytime. The prices charged by professionals are within your budget, which makes the deal worthwhile. Thus, look no further than seeking assistance to see your academic graph rise!

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