Can You Transfer an Access Database to SQL Server?

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If you are looking for a solution to transfer an access database to an SQL server. If so, then you are in luck because this post will share with you the complete solution to transfer the Access database to the SQL server.

Growth in your business or organization brings an increase in the amount of data you contain and manage. As your database approaches the 2GB Mark, which is the exceeded limit for MS Access, and wanting to import an Access to SQL Server Migration should be your immediate thought.

Why Do Import An Access Database to SQL Server?

  • When it comes to enterprise-level data management, MS Access is not powerful for many reasons, one of them being that it is 30 years old. Microsoft even announced the removal of MS Access from its online productivity suite, but then quietly changed its mind.
  • Even though MS Access is easier to use, offers a simpler and easier way to create relational databases, and offers the ability to create full-fledged data-centric applications using VBA, many computers still transfer Access database to SQL Server.

How To Transfer An Access Database to SQL Server?

It’s sad but true that Microsoft Access doesn’t provide any built-in facility to transfer the Access database to SQL Server. Then you should check out SysTools Access Converter which is an excellent choice for importing Access databases to SQL Server. This software, especially programs with strong coding, transmits an entire database without any information leakage.

  • Install and open the tool on your Windows computer.
  • Browse the Access files (MDB OR ACCDB) you want to transfer.
  • Then select SQL Server in the export options.
  • Finally, set the destination path for the output and then click “Export” to get the result immediately.

Other Benefits Of Choosing Professional Software

  • This application also provides a feature to recover deleted databases from Access files.
  • It allows the conversion of schemas and schemas with data in SQL files.
  • You can also repair corrupt MDB or ACCDB and convert it to SQL Server.
  • This application can convert access files to MDB, ACCDB, CSV, and XLS formats.
  • It also offers a function to convert selected tables and is also useful for skipping unnecessary data.

Time To Say Goodbye

In this post, we have shared almost all the essential knowledge needed to transfer an Access database to SQL Server. We have also discussed the basic overview and the reason behind this error. Additionally, we have also mentioned solutions to fix these issues immediately. If you have any other questions or doubts, you can contact our technical team anytime, anywhere for an instant solution. This software also offers a free demo version to preview MS Access files to examine data. After you are satisfied with the full database, you can buy the license key to unlock the premium version and transfer unlimited MS Access files. You can make this software your own with a one-time investment and enjoy its features for life without paying more.

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