10 tips to increase sales in your children’s clothing store

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By Rank Rains

Do you have an online children’s clothing store? Don’t know what to do to increase sales? Would you like to know some marketing strategies? So, read on.

Top decoration, attractive brand, good products. Even with all these requirements, if the children’s clothing store does not have an online presence, it will certainly not be able to survive.

According to the Brazilian Association of Textile and Apparel Industry (Abit), the children’s clothing sector is one of the fastest growing in the country, and has proven to be resilient in the pandemic.

To give you an idea, the number of babies from zero to three years old is approximately eight million, which means that, every hour, there are approximately 23 million children from zero to eight years old, no less than 10.9% of the population.

But just having an online store is not enough, you need to work with tools and strategies to be able to highlight your brand. And this is especially true for the children’s clothing sector, which is very competitive.

Therefore, to increase your sales, check out these ten tips that we have prepared for your virtual store.

1. Diversify your catalogue

Today, what people are most looking for is practicality. In this sense, whoever offers the most possibilities in the same place wins. That is, the more different products you offer, the more chances you have of attracting customers.

The first tip is to try to offer different products, expanding your catalogue and possibilities. In other words, selling everything from baby baptism clothing to blankets, bodysuits, towels, bibs, in addition to keeping an eye on market trends.

Therefore, try to go beyond clothing, offering accessories and taking the opportunity to test new products.

2. Offer exclusivity

As mentioned, all stores are migrating to the online environment, increasing competition. Therefore, those who manage to offer novelties, exclusivities stand out.

The tip is to bet on the differentiation of your pieces, even if it is impossible to only work with exclusive pieces – at least, offer some well-differentiated ones.

A tip is to bet on a line with unique prints, or funny phrases, personalised cut style, t-shirts with the child’s name printed on…

And at this time, it is worth betting on partnerships with designers (even beginners) to create special lines that will bring originality to your brand.

3. Create an attractive virtual showcase

Those who have a virtual store need to be constantly creating strategies to attract their target audience.

The tip is to attract people by betting on a very well-planned virtual showcase to make an impact, exposing their best products.

A virtual showcase allows a much broader visual language, and can be used in different ways, such as:

  • An exclusive space on your website to highlight some products;
  • An online catalogue that can be shared on social media, strategically displaying products;
  • As a link released to your customers on WhatsApp.

4. Make promotions

It is necessary to understand that, especially in the children’s embroidery jackets sector, it is not worth just focusing on dates like Black Friday, Children’s Day, Christmas, because every minute there is a baby being born or a child having a birthday.

Therefore, constantly invest in promotions of all kinds. However, remember: times are different, the consumer is more demanding and attentive to market marketing strategies. Therefore, even when promoting products, it must be done in a planned way.

In this sense, bet on offering something extra, which makes the customer consider it more advantageous to buy in your store, as soon as he sees your product on Google Shopping, for example.

Consider building the shipping price into the product, as the amount charged for shipping is a determining factor for consumers.

Believe me, according to research, sales with free shipping increased by 41% last year.

But keep an eye on the competition – sometimes offering free shipping just isn’t enough. Therefore, consider other benefits, such as coupons, gifts, kits, sweepstakes, which are also great strategies that help increase sales in your children’s store.

5. Keep Your Customers Loyal and Satisfied

A well-cared-for customer will come back to buy from your store again. A poorly cared for customer will come back to tarnish your brand image, driving potential customers away.

The fact is that it is not enough to capture new customers. To succeed, a brand needs to build customer loyalty, keeping them loyal and satisfied.

Keeping a good customer base following your brand on social media is very important. That is why nurturing this relationship is fundamental. By making them loyal, this will help increase your revenue.

Therefore, try to engage your customers with personalised and relevant content on your social networks.

6. Invest in partnerships

If you intend to follow tip number one and offer different products in your catalogue, seeking partnerships may be the solution.

Whether with products, or even content, lives, anyway. Partnerships can help gain more visibility and, consequently, followers, which makes all the difference in an e-commerce.

Therefore, look for partnerships to promote digital marketing actions or even work with shared inventory, uniting toys and clothes, or accessories and clothes. This can be good for both stores, whether they are direct or indirect competitors.

7. Bet on influencers

We are in the middle of the digital era, with influencers gaining the attention of millions of internet users, conquering a considerable space within advertising.

Therefore, seek to partner with influencers – of course, as long as they make sense for your brand. As they manage to reach many people, it will help to promote your products in the digital medium.

That is, depending on how much you can invest, seeking a partnership with an influencer engaged in the children’s segment can be a great strategy.

8. Use social media wisely

Undoubtedly, it is not possible to think about having a digital presence today without necessarily having a page on the biggest social networks.

However, just having a page is not enough, you need to use it wisely, as it is one of the best ways to get closer to your customers and attract new customers.

And the best platforms, at the moment, for your store to bet on are Facebook and Instagram.

But it is necessary to know how to use social networks wisely, drawing from them all their great potential, posting relevant content periodically, and not just exposing products and their prices. That is, using this platform as a bridge to be able to talk to your customers, get feedback and improve your relationship with them.

And, of course, take advantage of Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads, tools that allow you to run targeted ads (and with very small amounts) in feeds, stories, etc., in the format of photos, videos and carousel, with the aim of generating clicks, conversions, sales or just as a way to promote and consolidate the brand.

9. Sell more using WhatsApp

Fast, free and already part of the daily lives of a billion people around the world. Certainly, he could not be left out of the sales strategies of his children’s clothing store.

Yes, we are talking about WhatsApp, an instant messaging application, which is already part of our lives and ended up taking on a thousand and one uses. So, from allowing you to talk to family, friends and flirt, it allows you to shop. Therefore, more and more brands are using this tool in their marketing strategy.

WhatsApp allows you to improve sales, publicise first-hand all the news in your store, in addition to showing promotions. Finally, it helps build or improve customer relationships.

Therefore, when putting together your strategies, do not forget to insert WhatsApp, investing in a more direct, quick and personalised service, allowing customers to clarify doubts and even offer suggestions for your store.

10. Don’t underestimate email marketing

Anyone who thinks that email marketing is outdated is wrong. In fact, it is an essential tool for the success of any e-commerce or virtual store. The problem is knowing how to use it.

Especially important when it comes to retaining customers, sharing news and converting website visits into purchases, e-mail marketing works as an excellent communication channel with customers and, therefore, cannot be underestimated.

Among many possibilities, it allows you to segment messages and customise them for each group of leads, transforming the entire purchase journey into totally exclusive interactions.

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